Rusinga Island 2018

Goethe partners with Rusinga Festival for Island Reading Series

The Goethe Institute is partnering with Rusinga Festival for the Island Reading Series, a storytelling and reading event at #RusingaFest2018 which will feature author and

Wangari the Storyteller par Excellence

Grace Wangari has told stories as far as Sweden, Iran and Tanzania. You may wonder how on earth someone would pursue storytelling as a profession.

Black Panther

Legend of Dahomey Women Warriors Retold: Lupita and Davis to Star

Many legends thrive in African folklore. However, most of them were not documented but passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition. Following current

Kenya festivals

Exploring Rusinga: A Hidden Paradise (Part 2)

Now, there seems to be an unwritten edict: a festival without food is no festival at all. And since we were here to celebrate Suba

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