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We are part of a solution. We are harnessing the power of EdTech to get quality learning resources and culturally relevant storybooks to every child and teacher in Kenya.

“About 400 million children across the world do not possess the basic reading skills necessary to succeed in society. Two-thirds of these children who are not learning to read—some 262 million—are in school.” ~ Global Book Alliance.

Wasomi is Kiswahili word for ‘readers/intellectuals/students’. We believe that education is the most powerful tool that can change the world, echoing Nelson Mandela’s quote. And we also believe that education as a human right should be accessible to the most economically disadvantaged child in the society. Scarcity of books and other teaching and learning materials in Kenya occasioned by high costs due to taxes makes this almost impossible. That is why we have engaged trained instructors to develop materials for children, and authors to develop exciting stories, which can be easily downloaded or accessed digitally by children from any part of Kenya and the world.

Downloaded materials can be printed at lower costs and at the pace of the learner, opening for them an opportunity to interact with the resources available to the best equipped schools in Kenya. The materials are top-grade with customised life applicable challenges for the African learner. Help us achieve our dream of creating the largest repository of educational and learning materials in the continent. This intervention is geared towards empowering learners to achieve educational success that will help alleviate poverty and bring development to the continent.

SDG 4: Quality Education

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