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Babishai Niwe

Poesy and Its Masters; Evolution of Kariuki wa Nyamu

Kariuki wa Nyamu won Babishai Niwe Haiku Prize for 2017, after beating sixteen other artists. In exploring the place of poetry in Africa, I got into conversation with him.   Congratulations first of all for winning the Babishai Niwe Haiku Prize, 2017. For starters, what is Haiku? It sounds so foreign; does it have a place here in Africa?   Read More

Ambassador Iqbal Hargeysa Festival

Hargeysa Experiences: A Conversation With Ambassador Iqbal Jhazbhay

There is a lot of good happening in the Horn of Africa that doesn’t get to be heard by the world, I said when two friends told me they would be attending the Hargeysa International Book Fair 2017 (HIBF 2017), which took place July 22 – July 27. Last Saturday, I had a conversation with one of the attendees, South Read More