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Helon Habila

Oil on Water: A Review

Helon Habila’s Oil on Water is now eight years old. But it is not ageing at all. The novel has received raving reviews from The Times, The Independent, The Metro, The Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Metro, The New York Times, among other major newspapers, and for a valid reason. Not once have we read about the turmoil in Read More

Black Panther

Legend of Dahomey Women Warriors Retold: Lupita and Davis to Star

Many legends thrive in African folklore. However, most of them were not documented but passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition. Following current interest in the African story by film makers, the legend of the Dahomey women warriors has been reborn. A movie is in the making to retell this amazing story based on recorded accounts about the Read More

ebook apps

Romance: the theme of choice for young adult readers in 2017

The largest free reading digital application in the world, Worldreader, recently released reader statistics for 2017 and it was no surprise that romance topped the list for the third consecutive year. Young adults are the majority users of the app. Love and sex were the most keyed in search words.

Erick Livumbazi

The Wind Under His Wings: A Review

Among my initial assignments some few years ago at Storymoja was to coordinate the production of The Wind Under His Wings. It is a fascinating story of Mollusk, a 14-year-old boy who finds himself on the streets of Nairobi after his initially promising academic cruise hits the high waves and loses power. The boy has nothing to cling onto to Read More

the self publishing author

Should I Sell My Manuscript?

Should I sell my manuscript? is one of the most persistent questions I have encountered from authors and would be authors. And I will answer it straight away to the best of my knowledge. For the sake of those who are not familiar with the options in the book publishing industry in Kenya, let me explain the basics.   Royalty Read More

Tony Mochama Poetry

10 years, 10 books: Celebrating Tony Mochama

Tony Mochama is no stranger to literary controversy. His work resonates his person, disrupting the norm when you least expect it. Twice, he interrupted the programme during a packed session to celebrate ten years of his writing at the Goethe Institute yesterday.   A striking observation was that most of the audience was young. The exact audience that Mochama writes Read More