Female Voice Over Artist Needed

A female voice over artist is needed to record for an animation. The artist should be able to interpret and sound like a twelve-year old ‘super-girl’ who is the main character. The character is a brave, instinctive, headstrong, fearless, bright, funny and resourceful. The animation will be used for apps and TV.

Further description of the ‘super-girl’ 

‘Although she often talks like one, Sema is not a superhero. She is a courageous 12 year old who is bright, headstrong, funny and resourceful.She just has this extraordinary sense of purpose and justice. Sema goes to the local school where she is popular but her friends cant just help but think she is a tiny bit crazy in her ‘supergirl’ outfit. They tease her for always wanting to ‘ change the world’ and ‘speak the truth’. What’s the point when Tobor will just take it all away?

But Sema is determined to risk everything to prevent this from happening. “Swipe! Download and Conquer!” The others giggle, but Sema knows with her innovative thinking and MB’s technical knowhow, they can bring Tobor down once and for all. Like any human being, Sema has times of self-doubt and hopelessness but the bottomline is nothing will stand in her way!”


Email your recording to: clara @ kukua . me

Your subject line should read: Sema Audition

Your English should have an African accent.

See the scripts below for further information about the script.

Female voice over


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