How to use this website

This website is mainly developed for learners, teachers and parents following the Kenyan CBC syllabus. It is suitable for both mobile and desktop screens. There are many ways you can use it, for instance:

  1. Select the resource you want and write the challenges into your exercise book.
  2. Select the resources you want and download them for print.
  3. Use the resources you want directly from the screen.

To download and print worksheets, select the resource you want > click on the three dots > select download.

Some resources such as storybooks cannot be downloaded directly. However, you can order soft or hard copies of storybooks from Wasomi by emailing us.

Resources on this website shall not be reproduced for resale under any circumstances.

Arrangement of materials

Worksheets on the website are developed following the CBC syllabus strands and sub-strands, in the order in which they appear. For instance, English Grade 3 Worksheet 1 means the worksheet covers the first or first two sub-strands of the syllabus. Worksheet 2 means the next strand/sub-strand. You can therefore use the worksheets in the order in which they appear.

Learners from across various syllabuses in the world can also benefit from the resources on this platform. Just select the ones that suit you.


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