I Wanted to End My Life, Says Lady JayDee

Lady Jaydee suicide tweet

In a depressing tweet on 26th September, 2018 Tanzanian songbird Lady JayDee tweeted that she had harboured thoughts of ending her life. However, she was held back by the very thought of how much she has accomplished.

Lady Jaydee suicide tweet





Yesterday I strongly felt like taking poison to end my life but then I castigated myself and reminded myself about my accomplishments and wondered how stupid it would be of me. I pitied myself. Today I’m around and encouraging myself to push on.

The songbird is featured in a recent single release by Rwandan singer DJ Pius titled ‘Manawe’ (Oh My God!).

It is not clear whether Lady JayDee is suffering from depression. Neither has she said whether she has sought help. Cases of artists committing suicide are not new, and depression has been a hot topic this year in the arts industry.

A list by Health.com indicated that musicians were position five in the top ten professions which are most likely to suffer depression. The causes of depression in musicians vary.  We hope that Lady JayDee will not slip into this path as she continues to belt out creative tunes for her fans. She has a concert coming up in Dar es Salaam featuring Juliana Kanyamozi and Zahara.

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