How Important is Culture to the Being of a People

Rusinga Island 2018

Mawuna Remarque Koutonin makes an interesting observation in a Facebook post about how African culture is pertinent to our own being as a people, in relation to how we relate with the West and Asian nations.

“When a Japanese travels the world he sees Toyota cars everywhere. He is proud of his country.

When a American travels the world, the Boeing planes he witnesses at all airport make him feel good to be American.

Samsung products and Hyundai cars make Koreans proud of their nation.

When a Norwegian or Finn visits the Baltics and see that the banks, the outlets are from their country, they almost feel like at home.

German cars are all over the world, and Germans are very loud tourists because they know where they stand in European economy.

When it comes to Chinese, there is not a single human being on earth who has never owned or used a Chinese produced good. That makes Chinese proud.

When it comes to Africa, a Cameroonian would go to Berlin a hear Manu Dibango tracks. A Beninese would go to New York and Angelic Kidjo sounds would be on the air. A Nigerian would visit London metropolitan museum and witness the great art of the Edo people. The Mali people would go to Paris museum, and Mali history would be on display. There is almost no single human being who has never moved on African beat.

Culture is what Africa exports the best. The world love Africa art. Tourists flock to Africa to witness our cultural festivals.

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Unfortunately, the only uniqueness we are used to export is disappearing. Instead of developing what we export the best, we are sabotaging it, we are destroying it.

Christians have burned most of our artefacts, shrines and covered the continent with churches. Islamists have destroyed hundreds of cultures and covered the places with mosques. African petty bourgeoisie had ostracized our culture and only swear by western codes.

No one comes to Africa to visit a church or a mosques. For that you have Italy, France, Germany and Saudi Arabia. No one visit Africa to enjoy a little Europe or America, ugly copy of the originals.

You won’t travel abroad and hear African Christian music. You won’t see any African Christian art nor Islamic artefacts. People love African authentic music, African ways of life. Africaness.

The time we’d finish destroying our culture and replace it with alien ones, we would have nothing to bring the world. We would exclude ourselves from history.

If you are African Christian you are part of the African destruction program. If you African Muslim you are part of African destruction program. If you are a westernizer, you are part of African destruction program. You are contributing to our extermination.”