Reasons why you should self-publish that book


You have probably come across several articles of authors who are selling or claim to sell hundreds of copies of their self-published books. It might be true, or not. In this article we explore advantages of self-publishing:

  1. Bigger royalty for yourself

Yes, we write to sell. Many traditional publishers give 10 percent royalty on net sales on the higher side. If you self-publish, you can assign yourself the royalty you want to earn. Digital platforms for ebooks such as Lulu, Amazon and Smashwords offer up to 70 percent. This is because they are not involved in the production process. You have to prepare the digital copy of your book yourself but it is a process that takes around five minutes with just a little experience.

Even though the percentage appears huge, you have to put in effort by marketing your book. The more you sell, the more you will smile to the bank.

  1. Control over the design and appearance of your book

Have you ever seen a horrendous cover of a book and wondered how on earth it came to be? Well, that might be an exaggeration. Thing is, when self-publishing you definitely have complete control of how the cover and inside design of your book will look like. You will pay for it, so if you can afford hire the best designers. Traditional publishers dictate the design of a book according to their house design and editorial policies. You do not have that limitation.

  1. Control over distribution

If you have published with a traditional publisher you must have signed a contract. In the fine print of that contract, there is a detailed description about distribution rights. In fact you can only use an excerpt from your own book up to a certain extent.  If another distributor wants to distribute your book in a different market, let’s say Europe, they have to reach a contractual agreement with your publisher. If they don’t then your book cannot be sold there. Self-publishing affords you the freedom to distribute anywhere in the world. No limitations. You can distribute in digital form or in print if you have a great network.

  1. Less production time

This only applies if you have ready money for the production process. The process includes editing, design, and printing. Traditional publishers take between three to six months to produce a book. Many times it can take a year or more especially for novels and other huge books. If you dedicate yourself to self-publish, you can release the book in digital format before print. That would take you lesser time than you think, with some effort of course.  Do not rush and produce crap.

  1. You can do print on demand

Technology is godsend. You can produce your book in digital format which is very affordable. Actually cheap. And today you can produce print copies on demand. This means you do not have to print one thousand copies of the book and keep them in your store or sitting room. You only print a few copies like ten, sell, then print more according to demand.

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